Tantre Farm CSA Newsletter WEEK #14 Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2023

We try to keep the printed newsletter to a 2-page maximum, which means that we won’t list all the share items’ descriptions every week, but refer you to previous newsletters for information on items that have already appeared in your shares. In our newsletter, we try to give you an accurate listing of the produce in your box; however, since the newsletter is published before the harvest, we may sometimes substitute some vegetables for others. **Also, if you’re having trouble identifying any unfamiliar produce, please look for “Veggie ID” with additional information on our website under CSA INFO or under RECIPES.

If you are new to our CSA, because you signed up with a prorated share, you can find all past newsletters on our website under the NEWSLETTERS section in the CSA Info tab.


FRESH BASIL: Everyone will receive a bunch of Prospera Italian Large Leaf Basil this week, an herb with a sweet aroma with notes of anise in its green leaves; traditionally used in pesto. It will last longer when stored in a jar, vase, or glass of water.

**PRESERVING TIPS: You are receiving a steady flow of basil this year, since it grows so well. If you don’t use it that quickly, you can easily save it for the winter by FREEZING it (wash leaves, pluck them off branch and stick them whole in freezer bag- when ready to use, crumble leaves while frozen into dishes). Also DRYING it (hang it upside with a paper bag clipped to stem to catch the leaves for 1 to 2 weeks and strip leaves off branches when dry and store in jar).

BEETS (with no Greens): You will receive Red Ace (round, smooth, deep red roots with sweet flavor; you will receive just the roots without the greens or Cylindra Beet (a uniquely-shaped 6-inch cylindrical beet with especially sweet flavor; this heirloom is a favorite with chefs due to uniform slices and ease of peeling). See Week 7 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

CARROTS: You will receive Red Dragon (beautiful magenta-purple, smooth, thin skin and broad, Chantenay-type shoulders with orange internal color and yellow core) or Purple Haze (bright purplish-red roots with bright orange interior and a sweet flavor; cooking will cause the color to fade). See Week 1 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

COLLARD GREENS: dark-green, flat, large leaf; may be substituted for kale or other hearty greens recipes; use large leaf rolled up as a wrap and stuff with vegetables or hummus. See Week 12 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

SWEET CORN (Vision): exceptionally tender, super sweet, yellow ears; great for fresh eating and freezing. See Week 12 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

U-PICK FLOWERS (only available for picking on the farm): We welcome you to the farm to pick your flowers on any day of the week, but please contact us if it will be on other days besides Wednesdays and Fridays, so we can make sure to be around to show you where to go. This week you can pick up to 16 stems per household with up to 3 sunflowers and 3 dahlias in your bouquet. You may want to bring a vase/jar to keep your flowers fresh going home, but we will have donated yogurt containers to fill with water as well. Your bouquet is part of your share, although it is always greatly appreciated when you make a donation to pay for seeds and labor. Extra bouquets cost $6/bunch for 10 stems.

LETTUCE: You will receive any of the following– Romaine (upright, dense heads produce long, uniform hearts with good flavor), Tropicana (a green leaf lettuce with large, bright green heads with thick crumpled leaves; good in salads and sandwiches), or Ruby Sky (all-season red leaf lettuce with dense, heavy heads; ruffled leaves are intense purple-red at the tips, and green at the inner base); rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. See Week 1 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

STORAGE ONIONS: You will receive Copra (medium-sized, dark yellow-skinned storage onions; excellent storage onion staying firm and flavorful after most other varieties have sprouted; highest in sugar of the storage onions; same sulfurous compounds that draw tears inhibit rot, so the more pungent the onion the longer it will store) and/or Redwing (the ultimate red storage onion; globe-shaped bulbs are 3–4 inches across, moderately pungent, very firm).
-How to use: good in French onion soup, stews, casseroles, etc.
-How to store: can last for 10-12 months if kept in a cold, dark place, but remove any ones starting to go soft from the others. 

CHILI & SWEET PEPPERS: You will receive any of the following– Poblano (a mild variety of chili pepper known as “poblanos” when dark green, but becomes an “ancho” when brick-red and fully dry; popular in Southwestern recipes; heart-shaped fruit, which is mildly pungent with a lightly sweet, medium-hot flavor), Shishito (sweet, mild, slender Japanese chiles about 2- to 4-inches with squarish end; often used in stir-fried dishes, salads, or as a pickled condiment) Carmen (6-inch long, tapered fruit that ripens from green to a deep “carmine” red; sweet taste in salads and when roasted and fully red-ripe), or Red Knight Bell (big, blocky, thick-walled, green-to-red pepper with sweet flesh). See Week 10 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

POTATOES: You will receive Carola (yellow potato from Germany; smooth, creamy texture that is good for baking or frying) or Red Sangre (one of the prettiest of all red skinned varieties with medium-sized oblong tubers; creamy white flesh that is especially delicious boiled or baked). See Week 8 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

SPINACH: crisp, dark green leaf–best eaten raw or with minimal cooking to obtain the beneficial chlorophyll, as well as vitamins A and C; delicious flavor when juiced. See Week 6 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

TOMATOES: You will receive any of the following: Tomato Mix (may include a colorful variety of Sun Gold, Sungreen, Sakura, Indigo Cherry, Clementine, Green Zebra, Verona, and Roma) and HEIRLOOMS –Brandywine (large, heirloom, beefsteak tomato–often over 1 lb–with a deep pink skin and smooth red flesh) See Week 10 newsletter for usage and storage tips.

WATERMELON: You will receive Dark Belle (dark-green skin, bright-red flesh, oblong 5-7 lb. fruit with thin rind, and very sweet flavor) OR Sureness (superior yellow flesh watermelon with attractive dark green skin with narrow, dark green stripes and sweet, bright yellow flesh). See Week 9 newsletter for usage and storage tips. See Week 9 newsletter for usage and storage tips.


1. U-PICK RASPBERRY PATCH OPEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY THIS WEEK: We will be open on Sept. 2 and Sept. 3 from 8 AM-4 PM at the HoneyBee Upick, so you will find ripe raspberries, extra Tantre produce, Elder Farms eggs, HoneyBee honey, and even a few u-pick flowers (dahlias, sunflowers, strawflowers, globe amaranth) for sale. U-pick raspberries are $6/pint and $4/half pint for Already Picked Raspberries. We also have opened a SELF SERVE produce wagon stand with a Lock Box, so you can come all week long to get produce even if our raspberry patch is not open. To keep informed go to https://www.tantrefarm.com/tantre-farm-raspberry-u-pick.

2. VACATIONS or OUT OF TOWN: Please remember to contact us at least by Sundays to make changes in pick up days or locations for the upcoming week, or let us know since we can make administrative changes at least a day ahead. With Labor Day weekend coming up, please make all your changes ahead of time, and email us as soon as possible if you need to make changes this weekend. If you can’t find someone to pick up your share, please let us know if you want to cancel your share or donate to a needy family.

3. ENDING SUMMER CSA DATES: The end is drawing near for Summer CSA. This is just a reminder that our summer shares are ending in just a few weeks. That means Sept. 27 (Wed.), Sept. 29 (Fri.), and Sept. 30 (Sat.) are the last distribution days for our Summer Shares.

Join us at the Tantre Farm kitchen to celebrate the summer’s bounty with a special, Japanese, seasonal menu that Kori Kanayama created. Kori is an inventive cook, who applies traditional Japanese methods to create delicious, nourishing dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. We will cook up a feast of grilled chicken on skewers, super tasty Japanese preparations of familiar vegetables, and a delectable dessert. Bring a light jacket to enjoy a special meal with friends new and old by the vineyard and Tantre’s flower garden in full bloom! This unique class will be $30 per person, but we offer a few scholarships at a reduced fee for those who come a bit early for prep support or stay a bit later to help clean up, so please let us know if you are interested in helping. This fee goes to Kori for her time to design and deliver a high quality cooking class with recipes, cooking coaching, and technical and cultural instructions, plus ingredients and materials. We suggest signing up now to reserve your spot. Please email us your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and any DIETARY RESTRICTIONS with SEPTEMBER COOKING CLASS in your Subject Line to register. You may pay ahead with Venmo to @Deb-Lentz or pay with Cash or Check on the day of class. Stay tuned for more updated details!

5. HIRED HELP NEEDED: We are looking for additional help for the rest of the summer and into the fall. We are looking for part-time and full-time workers who are interested in getting their hands dirty and enjoy healthy, hearty, hard work. We provide home-cooked lunches every day with food from the farm. Please email us or fill out an application from our website at https://www.tantrefarm.com/internships/

6. NO IMMUNE BOOSTER CSA for a few weeks, so we can let folks finish all of their summer vacations.

  *Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market (Wed.)—7 AM to 12 PM (TANTRE STAFF there the whole time)
 *MOVE Fitness & Wellness Studio (Wed)—8 AM to 9:30 AM (SARA there the whole time)
*Farm (Wed.)—10 AM to 7 PM (TANTRE STAFF there the whole time with some self check-in)
 *Washtenaw Food Hub (Wed.) –6 PM to 8 PM (No Distribution Coordinator at this time. Please contact Deb @ 734-385-6748 for questions)
 *Pure Pastures (Wed.) —9 AM to 11 AM (JESSICA there most of the time)
*Farm (Fri.)—2 PM to 7 PM (TANTRE STAFF there the whole time with some self check-in)
*Ann Arbor Farmers Market (Sat.) —7 AM to 12 PM (SHANNON there the whole time
 *Washtenaw Food Hub (Sat.)—9 AM to 12 PM (RYAN and Staff there the whole time)
 *Chelsea Farmers’ Market (Sat.)—8 AM to 12 PM (TANTRE STAFF there the whole time)
 *Argus-Packard (Sat) — 9 AM to 3 PM (ARGUS STAFF there the whole time)
 *RoosRoast-Rosewood (Sat)–9 AM to 11 AM (LIZ there the whole time)
 *HoneyBee U-pick (Sat)–8 AM to 12 PM (TANTRE STAFF there the whole time)


For the sauce:
1 pt cherry tomatoes
2 garlic cloves, pressed or crushed
1/4 cup or more basil and/or oregano leaves, thinly sliced
1/4 cup olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place in large bowl. Add the garlic, basil and olive oil and stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Pour half of the sauce into a large baking dish.

For the rolls:
10-12 large collard leaves, washed well
1 cup farm cheese or ricotta
1/4 lb whole-milk mozzarella, cut into 1/4-inch dice
1 large egg, beaten lightly
1/4 cup thinly sliced scallion or onion

In a kettle of boiling water boil the collards for 10 minutes, or until they are crisp-tender, drain them, and refresh them in a large bowl of cold water. In another large bowl combine the ricotta, the mozzarella, the egg, the scallion, and salt and pepper to taste. Cut out the tough center rib and stem one third of the way up one of the collard leaves and pat the leaf dry. Mound 2 heaping tablespoons of the cheese mixture at the top end of the leaf and roll up the leaf, tucking in the ends to form a roll. Make rolls with the remaining collard leaves and cheese mixture in the same manner. Arrange the rolls in one layer on the sauce in the baking dish and cover with the remaining sauce. Bake the rolls, covered, in the middle of a preheated 375 degree oven for 45-50 minutes, or until the sauce is bubbling and the rolls are cooked through.

FRESH CARROT JUICE (Simple Food for the Good Life by Helen Nearing)
1 pound carrots
1/2 pound apples
2 beets, sliced and peeled

 Core the apples, but do not peel. Cut them in quarters. Put carrots, apples and beets through juicer or blender. Chill and serve.

GRILLED CORN, PEACH AND POBLANO SALAD (from “The Washington Post”, August 19, 2009) Makes 6 3/4-cup servings
This salad is best served within 24 hours after it is made.

4 ears grilled corn, husks removed and kernels cut off (about 3 cups; see Notes)
1 large or 2 small grilled poblano peppers; cut into 1/4-inch dice (3/4 cup; see Notes)
2 large ripe peaches, peeled and cut into kernel-size pieces (1 1/2 cups; see Notes)
2 tsp honey, or more to taste
2 Tbsp cider vinegar
1 Tbsp olive oil
10-20 stems chives (or parsley), chopped (2 Tbsp)
1/8-1/4 tsp salt
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Combine the corn, poblano chili pepper(s), peaches, honey, cider vinegar, oil, chives, and salt and pepper to taste. Taste and adjust the seasoning as needed. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Note: To grill the CORN, discard the husks and silk. Rinse and wrap each damp ear of corn in aluminum foil. Cook for 20-35 minutes on a hot covered grill, turning the ears every 7-8 minutes, until the kernels are tender and start to brown. (The time depends on the heat of the grill and the size and age of the corn.) Grill the POBLANO directly over the flame on the grill, turning to evenly char all sides. Remove from the grill and cover with plastic wrap or place inside a food-safe plastic bag for 10 minutes. Remove, peel away the charred skin, core and seed. To remove the skin from the PEACHES, place each piece of fruit in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds to loosen the skin. Peel when cool enough to handle.

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