Harvest Kitchen

What is Harvest Kitchen?

Harvest Kitchen is a Prepared Food CSA and Meal Plan for homes, schools, and businesses, which changed into Deb and Richard’s hands in February 2018 with the help of 2-times James Beard Award nominee, Chef Magdiale Wolmark. Our idea is to continue to facilitate a deep collaboration and sourcing partnership especially with Tantre Farm, along with a few other local Michigan farms. We want to inspire seasonal and delicious, chef-driven menus that care for people and the planet by using local ingredients and compostable packaging. Even if you are already a Tantre Farm CSA member, sometimes it’s nice having a break from cooking, especially on extremely busy days when you’re having a hard time providing a healthy, tasty meal. This CSA is meant to supplement your regular weekly meals or replace them if the traditional CSA doesn’t work for you sometimes due to traveling or very little time to cook nutritious meals. It is also a wonderful gift for someone, who is deserving or in need.

This exciting opportunity to support local farms, while enjoying delicious, prepared meals delivered weekly to your doors, when requested, will be at your fingertips year round through Harvest Kitchen’s Prepared Meals program.  Harvest Kitchen’s creative, rotating menus and signature dishes allow you to have variety and flexibility every week. These prepared meals provide the ultimate convenience for you, your family, a friend, a loved one, or a student in need of fresh, delicious, healthy, farm-to-table meals. The “FAQ” and “How It Works” tab on the website http://harvest-kitchen.com will answer a lot of your basic questions, so please be sure and review those pages.

Meal Plan Options:

You will have the option to choose from several different Meal Plans depending on your individual needs.  Choose a 4, 7, or 12 dish per week base meal plan or custom design your own plan from our locally-inspired menus that feature breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The following plans are currently available: Harvest Bunch (4 dish options), Harvest Basket (7 dish options), Harvest Bounty (12 dish options), and also Just This Week (where you can change up how many options you want each week depending on the needs of your family, or just try one or two dishes for one week to check it out). Please check out these plans and pricing on the website under the “How It Works” tab and click on the highlighted word for “meal plans”. Please keep in mind that if you sign up for a specific weekly plan with a certain amount of dishes offered each week, you don’t have to pick up every week, since you can skip or pause your pick up at anytime.  In addition, you can save a little bit of money by choosing the larger dish options, since the higher the number, the more you save and the more you support our CSA. Click here to see current MENU options and Click here to see MEAL PLAN options and SIGN UP.

Gift Card Options:

You also have the opportunity to purchase Gift Cards for college students (or anyone) based on a 15-week semester called “The Semester Card”, which is a wonderful way for students to have a delicious and nutritious meal, and what a gift that is when one is just too busy studying and working to cook!

Other Gift Card options are available for you to purchase for a friend or loved one, who is sick, shut in due to being elderly, busy schedules, house renovations, etc. Please check these Gift Card options and pricing on the website under the “How It Works” tab and click on the highlighted word for “gift cards” or Click here to see these gift card options.

Delivery/Pick Up Options:

For Delivery Options you will have the option of having your order delivered to your door or you can pick it up at one of our drop off locations. Harvest Kitchen will have Friday evening home delivery options with a $15-$20 delivery fee depending on your zip code and Saturday at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op (9 AM to 9 PM) for a $10 delivery fee.

For Pick Up options you may also choose the following destinations for a Saturday pick up with no delivery fee: Saturday Ann Arbor Farmers Market (@Harvest Kitchen’s stall 8 AM to 2 PM), Argus Farm Stop on Liberty and on Packard (pick up is Saturday through Mondays from 7 AM to 7 PM), and also the Washtenaw Food Hub by appointment, or on Saturday mornings when the Summer CSA season begins.  Click here for more information on Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Do I Contact?

Please feel free to give it a try even just for a week. At the very least, you could request to get on the email list, so you know what is on the menu each week.  If you have any specific questions please contact Chef Magdiale at info@harvest-kitchen.com. Hope you have a chance to enjoy these truly, authentic, “farm-to-table” meals!

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