Honey Bee U-Pick will be closed for the rest of the season. We will return with both Strawberries and Raspberries next year. Be sure to contact us if you want to be added to that mailing list. Thank you for your support this year.

We will have a limited amount of pre-picked raspberries available for purchase for $6/pint. Please use the form below to submit requests. We are also selling other produce from Tantre farm at the U-pick stand.

Please note, we no longer have strawberries available for U-pick. We are now offering Raspberry U-pick at the Honey Bee U-pick patch. We have both red and black raspberries available for u-pick! Raspberries tend to be quite delicate and for that reason, we ask that you pick directly into the pint or half pint containers (we will provide these).

Liz picks raspberries several times a week for those of you looking to purchase pre-picked Raspberries!

Follow the painted signs to the Honey Bee U-pick patch, which is approximately at 5700 Scio Church Rd when using GPS. You will see a newly constructed timber frame barn when you enter the driveway in the middle of a field.

Look for these signs as you approach the corner of Zeeb and Scio Church roads

Where to Park?
The attendant will tell you where to park or follow the pattern of the other cars. There is lots of parking at this site!

Other Important Reminders:
Check in with attendant when you arrive, since they will show you the best rows to pick. They will have a First Aid Kit on hand for minor injuries.

Porta Potty at this location, but otherwise no electricity or water.

Masks are not required at this site, since it is outside, but please feel free to wear one, if you are more comfortable. All will be encouraged to practice 6 ft. distancing as necessary.  Please be kind and polite to each other during these difficult times as “you picking” should be about “community building”!

**Also, keep in mind this is not a park or a play area, and it has recently been under construction, so please keep children supervised and away from the barn or other areas, which are under construction. 

U-pick Raspberries – $4.00/pint (You pick into the half pint containers) 

Already Picked Raspberries – $3/half pint or $6/pint

You can pay with Cash, Check to “Tantre Farm”, or Venmo to @Deb-Lentz. We are not able to process credit cards at this time unless you are willing to pay the 3% PayPal fee. We do have a QR code for PayPal available.

-Take-Home Containers – We will have pint containers for you to pick into, and trays to take them home if you are picking lots, but you may bring your own.
-Water Bottle
-Mosquito Repellent – The mosquitos are now present at the U-pick patch! Please being your repellent!!
-Comfortable clothing – if you’ve ever picked berries before, you know that you may get hot and dirty, depending on the weather, so bring a hat, light clothing, and closed toed shoes. This patch is a bit weedy with some nettles, lambs quarters, and thistles, since this is our first year; the patch is not tilled; and we are using organic practices, so long pants might also be helpful for the weeds if needed.

Please read more about our Strawberries here. We appreciate your patience as we continue updating our website.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to pick Raspberries(or pick up pre-picked raspberries) outside of our normal hours, please fill out the following form:

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