Wish List

In the spirit of recycling, regiving, reusing, and reducing things that are in your homes, Tantre Farm is accepting donations of the following items.  We are not encouraging you to go out and purchase these items for us, but rather to give them away if you no longer need them, especially if they are gently used. If you would like to donate, please contact us by email and describe your item or send us a photo.  If it is just missing a part or seems easily fixable, let us know, since we might be able to use it anyway with the clever, skilled, and talented farm crew we have gathered for the summer.  If we really can’t use it, we will let you know, since we also don’t want to clutter up the farm with unusable items.  Thank you for your generous community spirit!!

–plastic and paper bags (GROCERY BAGS ONLY please)

–clean yogurt containers (QUART-SIZE ONLY please…we use them as holding containers for you-pick flowers to be transported home)

–large Rubbermaid tubs with lids

–picnic tables

–garden hoses

–garden carts

–golf cart for hauling produce (we can retrofit it for produce)


–working bikes for traveling from place to place on the farm

–tarps (5 ft. x 7 ft. or larger)

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