HoneyBee U-Pick

Lovingly named “Honey-Bee U-Pick”, due to a couple of bee hives established on the property, Tantre Farm’s new U-pick patch in Ann Arbor has become easily recognized by the timberframe barn under construction at the corner of Zeeb and Scio Church Roads. This u-pick site does not have an official address, since it’s in the middle of a field, but can be found using 5700 Scio Church Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. It was originally acquired by Scio Township’s Land Preservation Committee in 2019. Now an extension of Tantre Farm and owned by the Andres Family Trust, this convenient location isn’t just for u-pick. This land consisting of 161 acres is dedicated to redeveloping the eco system and educating the community on concepts related to the essential nature of land use in all aspects of life.

U-pick opportunities attract the community to enjoy the age-old pastime of picking as a family, while attracting the pollinators we rely on for a majority of our food source.

U-pick Strawberries: This was our first year offering U-pick to the public. Our U-Pick Strawberries were a major hit this year! We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support, since we have opened this Ann Arbor location. The strawberries were more abundant and exciting to the community than we could have imagined! Our 2021 season for strawberries ended in June.

Tantre Farm plans to offer the following U-Pick opportunities as we continue through our first year at this new property:

U-Pick Raspberries: With a soft opening in July, our red and black raspberry plants stand tall in 10 rows near where our Strawberry U-pick was located. With an initial flush of sweet berries we were able to sustain 3 days a week for the first few weeks of July offering the public the opportunity to pick raspberries already this year. With the weather we have adjusted our days and hours on a weekly basis, while these fall raspberries are trickling in. The fall raspberries continue to be available for 1-2 pints of picking in October! We are not sure how long the raspberry U-pick will be available and encourage everyone to take advantage of the days we are open. Please visit the Raspberry page for updates to hours.

U-Pick Pumpkins: Will not be available for this year, our pumpkin patch became deer food. We will be selling carving pumpkins from another farm along with a variety of squashes from Tantre Farm as long as our U-pick patch remains open.

Tantre Farms Honey Bee U-pick market table

Our Honey Bee property is a work in progress. Tantre Farm follows natural growing practices with all of the produce we offer. This does mean you will encounter weeds on our property and in our patches during this first year of renovation. We do our best to keep the rows tended and easy to navigate, and we appreciate your understanding that these berries are not treated with chemicals or pesticides.

We do advise that you wear pants and closed toed shoes, sun protection and mosquito repellant, while u-picking for your own protection and comfort. We appreciate your patience and feedback, as we continue to improve our u-pick process.

Please let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list to be updated on our u-pick offerings, hours, and progress!

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