Immune Booster CSA Pick up Protocol

**IMPORTANT UPDATE, SO PLEASE READ: Slight Change In Pick-Up Location at the Washtenaw Food Hub starting Feb. 19

First of all, thank you for purchasing the Immune Booster CSA box.  Agricole members, your pickup location will remain the same in Chelsea, so scroll down past the map to review your Pick-Up Protocol. Also, just a reminder that we have adjusted our pick-up hours for winter from 10 AM -12 PM at both locations until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but always contact us if you need to come a little earlier, since our staff is there earlier than that, since we will be setting everything up.  If you sign up for an Immune Booster share box, you will receive your Pick Up Protocol email and a Weekly Newsletter email every Friday with a description of the items in the share, how to use them in easy ways, and recipes.

As some of you know, we used to distribute our CSA shares for many years on the front porch of the building with the “sun window” at the Washtenaw Food Hub, but then relocated to set up behind the building to accommodate the large number of vehicles coming onto the site during our pick up window on Saturdays.  We also were not allowed by the township to let the public into the front of the building, which had been built out for a future farm market and agricultural education event space several years ago. 

**IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Well, now we have good news! We have recently received our notice of Certificate of Occupancy, so we are moving our distribution back up to the front porch under the sun window!  This decision was not made lightly, but rather is due to several reasons.  Other Food Hub tenants onsite use that drive thru area as well, and we all have had to work around each other.  We also have had our market table outside during all kinds of compromising weather, which has thawed frozen things in the summer and froze produce and other products in the winter.  This new location has an inside space with refrigerated coolers and freezer coolers.  In our beginning stages, we are planning on just a market table inside the market store, while we figure out the layout for the store.  This will allow everyone to be inside out of the cold to purchase extra items.  We are encouraging everyone to please put a mask on at this time, while they are inside in the market space.  If anyone is still uncomfortable coming inside or would prefer not to wear a mask, then please let our staff know on the porch, and they will run in to get any items that you would like to purchase.  Our updated pick-up procedure is as follows.

**UPDATED PICK-UP PROTOCOL AT THE WASHTENAW FOOD HUB – 4175 Whitmore Lake Rd., Ann Arbor (10 AM – 12 PM):

We have reviewed our pick-up protocol to help make this new procedure as smooth as possible, but please be patient if we decide to try out different scenarios over the next few weeks to determine the safest and most efficient way for you to get your boxes. Therefore, we are asking our patrons to park in parking spaces in front of the store or across the parking lot and load their own share boxes into their vehicles, just as was usually done in previous years. Ryan and crew will still be there to greet and provide assistance from a safe distance and be available for any questions. To recap our updated procedure:

1. Upon arrival at the Washtenaw Food Hub, please park your vehicle in front of the porch with the sun window or in the parking spaces directly across the parking lot from the porch.

2. Then check-in with our Staff on the porch, so that we can check your name off the Sign In List.

3. There will be multiple stations on the porch with your share boxes, so stop at any station and load your box.  If you need help carrying the box to your vehicle, please let our staff know.

4. If you have a special box with any dietary restrictions, please let Ryan know, so he can get the appropriately labeled box.

5. If you are returning any empty CSA boxes to recycle, please leave them at the designated spot that Ryan directs you to on the porch.

6. Optional stop in the NEW market space for purchase of eggs, honey, oats, beans, bread, frozen items, fresh produce extras, and other items from local food artisans.  Please wear a mask inside at this time, and check it out!

7. Follow the usual exit signs back to Whitmore Lake Road and take your new box home to enjoy!

8. Please remember to be kind and patient, as you wait to gather your things. Friendly waves are so appreciated, as we try to help you with your share in an efficient and safe manner.

9. Please contact Deb at 734-385-6748 if something has come up, you are running late, or you need to get your box later in the day or the next day at the Food Hub, since we will just put it in our reach-in cooler on the front porch with your name on it.

FALL/WINTER LOCATION for Chelsea!! PICK-UP PROTOCOL AT AGRICOLE FARM STOP – 118 North Main St, Chelsea (10 AM – 12 PM):

1. Simply come inside Agricole and ask the Agricole or Tantre staff member to check off your name on the Pick Up List, and they will show you where your box is located.

2. If you are uncomfortable coming in the store, please call the Agricole store number (734-562-2840), and a staff member will come outside, check off your name, and provide you with your share box.

3. Agricole staff can answer limited questions, and they are not responsible for shares left unclaimed, unless prior arrangements have been made, so contact Deb at 734-385-6748 if something has come up, you are running late, or you need to get your box later in the day or the next day at the farm, since we will just put it in our walk-in cooler.

Finally, please stay safe and healthy, and remember to enjoy each other as we enjoy healthy, nutritious meals. Any questions about your share, please just let us know. Please contact us if you are not able to pick up from either location during the designated pick up time or if you are running late for your pick up on Saturday. Call or text Deb Lentz 734-385-6748.

Please contact us by email at or our cell phone information is below.
Tantre Farm
2510 Hayes Rd.
Chelsea, MI 48118
734-385-6748 (Deb’s cell)

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