Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Share Box Amount

You will receive your produce each week in a 1/2 bushel box that will have been stored in a cooler as soon as it is packed in the mornings on Packing Days (Tuesdays and Fridays).  As the season progresses there may also be some “Share Add-Ons”.  These items will be on the side, because they don’t fit in the box, were harvested after the box was put together, or don’t need refrigeration.  You will be measuring or loading these items into bags yourself, so you can choose to take the maximum or less, if your family can’t use so much.

There will be about 8-10 items in your share during the first 4 weeks depending on what is seasonally available.  You’ll continue to receive more items as the season progresses, ranging from 8 to 16 items.  Each week our goal is to provide 1 to 4 salad greens (lettuce, arugula, etc.), 1 to 4 cooking greens (collards, Swiss chard, kale, etc.), 1 to 4 root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, etc.), 1 to 4 fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, corn, squash, etc.), 1 or 2 alliums (onions, garlic, etc.), 1 to 3 brassicas (broccoli/cabbage family), and 1 or 2 herbs (basil, parsley, etc.).

Keep in mind, that being part of a CSA means sharing in the risks and bounties of farming. If we suffer crop failure due to weather or insects, then there may be less of some items. If it´s a bumper year, then there may be more.

Also, we don´t intentionally put worms or insects in your produce. Sometimes though these creatures may slip by our volunteer´s or intern´s discriminating eye. Please don´t throw the produce away! There are many good parts to an ear of corn, even if you have to break off the tip to remove a corn earworm. You may need to soak something like broccoli in salt water to encourage the caterpillars to float to the top, and remove them. Cut off offensive parts, if needed, and keep in mind this produce is still edible, tasty, and nutritious even if it is not aesthetically appealing.

Distribution – How It Works

You will pick up your Summer CSA share once a week for 18 weeks and your Extended Fall CSA share for 4 weeks on your chosen pick up day only during the hours that are listed below. Basically there are two Distribution Harvests during the week. For the first distribution we harvest produce on Mondays and Tuesdays for the Wednesday Distribution. Then we harvest for the second distribution on Thursdays and Fridays for the Friday/Saturday Distribution. Our Packing Days (when we pack up your share box) are on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What Do I Do When I Pick Up My Share? When Do I Pick Up My Share?

At each of the distribution sites, there will be a Tantré Farm worker or a white board to remind you of Pick-Up procedures. Here is a general overview:

Wed. Ann Arbor Farmers´ Market
We will try to be in the same location every week, but are not always able, because we are Daily Vendors, not Annual Vendors (who have permanent stalls). There is a map on the outside wall of the market office, where our stall is listed. Please always look for the large, canvas Tantré Farm sign as you walk around the market. Then follow instructions on the white board, and especially remember to check off contact person´s name and take a newsletter, if you need it. It can get very crowded at the market, so for those of you who split shares, it might work better if you split your share at one of your houses, instead of at the stall where a lot of people are coming and going. Please remember to ask a Tantré Farm worker for help, if needed.
DISTRIBUTION at Wed. Ann Arbor Market: Wednesday 7 a.m. until Noon.

Community High School (Ann Arbor) 
Some Saturday CSA members will be picking up their shares across the street from the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market on the east side of 5th Ave. in the middle of the horseshoe lawn.  You can look for a sign that reads “TANTRE FARM” and follow instructions on the white board. Please check off the contact person’s name, and take a newsletter if you need it.  There also will be someone available at the Community High distribution site to help you.  You can still find us at our Tantre Farm market stall somewhere at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market, especially if you need to purchase extra produce or have specific questions.
DISTRIBUTION at Community High: Sat. 7 a.m. until Noon.

Chelsea Farmers´ Market
Look for Tantré Farm sign. Introduce yourself to us at the stall, and you will be helped.
DISTRIBUTION at Chelsea: Sat. 8 a.m. until Noon.

Tantré Farm
Go behind house on 2510 Hayes Road to “Distribution Center”. Follow the instructions on the white boards inside. Get share box from walk-in cooler and get any extra items in Distribution Center. Leave your box from previous week in stack inside Distribution Center. Please remember to check off contact person´s name and take a newsletter from clipboard, if necessary. Also, please feel free to knock on house door, if you have any questions.
DISTRIBUTION at Farm: Wed. 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Fri. 2 p.m.-7 p.m.

Washtenaw Food Hub (4175 Whitmore Lake Rd., Ann Arbor)
This location is about 8 minutes north of downtown Ann Arbor.  Please check off your name on the clipboard and take a newsletter, if needed.  There will usually be someone there to help you, if we get enough volunteers.  Parking is free and plenty of it!  There are many buildings at this site, so look for the one that has the Washtenaw Food Hub sign on the building.  Please feel free to sign up for the Washtenaw Food Hub’s newsletter on the website,, to find out more about it.
DISTRIBUTION at Food Hub: Wed. 6 -8 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m. – Noon.

MOVE Fitness and Wellness Studio (3780 Jackson Road, suite K, Ann Arbor)
Shares will be outside building near front door on the north side of building. This will be a “self-serve” pickup spot, so please check off your name on the clipboard, follow the instructions on the white board or Pick Up List, and take a newsletter if needed. MOVE staff can answer limited questions. There is no refrigeration, so please pick shares up promptly to enjoy your produce at its freshest! MOVE is not responsible for shares left unclaimed, so shares left there after noon will be donated or brought back to the farm, unless prior arrangements have been made.You have opportunities for classes at MOVE with pilates, yoga, massage, wellness coaching, etc. Other stores are nearby to shop or have a cup of coffee.
DISTRIBUTION at MOVE Fitness and Wellness Studio ( Wed. 8 a.m. until Noon.

Pure Pastures (1192 Ann Arbor ROAD, Plymouth)
This is a specialty grocery store in Plymouth that offers grass-fed meat, eggs, dairy products, and organic, gluten-free, nonGMO products. Shares will be outside on the north side of the building. This will be a “self-serve” pickup spot, so please check off your name on the clipboard, follow the instructions on the white board, and take a paper newsletter if needed. Pure Pastures staff can answer limited questions. Shares will not be refrigerated, so please pick up shares promptly (especially on hot days!) to enjoy your produce at its freshest. Pure Pastures is not responsible for shares left unclaimed, unless prior arrangements have been made. There are opportunities for extra purchases from “a healthy alternative to the big chain supermarkets”.
DISTRIBUTION at Pure Pastures ( Wed. 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Argus Farm Stop-Packard (1200 Packard, Ann Arbor)
Argus is a year-round, every day farmers market featuring over 100 local producers in all categories including produce, meat, eggs, dairy. Every purchase you make supports local farms and producers! They also have a cafe for delicious coffee and baked goods. Shares will be inside building in the back room. Simply ask a friendly Argus staff and they can get your box for you and check your name on the clipboard, and take a newsletter if needed. Argus staff can answer limited questions and a Tantre volunteer will be able to assist with more knowledge. There is no refrigeration, so please pick shares up promptly to enjoy your produce at its freshest! Argus is not responsible for shares left unclaimed, so shares left there after noon will be donated or brought back to the farm, unless prior arrangements have been made. You have opportunities to additionally purchase a wide array local products to complete your local shopping experience. As well, there’s a great cafe and Harvest Kitchen offers a pop-up brunch during drop off times.
DISTRIBUTION at Argus-Packard (  Sat. 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

What Is The Procedure, If I Am Splitting My Share With Someone Else?

You and your share partner need to decide how this is done, since we don´t offer half shares. You can come up with your own system or choose between these options that others have done:

1. You can both arrive at the distribution site at the same time and negotiate splitting up the share. Please only do this at the farm, since the markets get very crowded with farm workers, market customers, and members trying to negotiate space for each other.

2. One of you picks up the share; then both meet at one of your houses, and split up the share.

3. Some share partners pick up the full share every other week, so they don´t split it. They just alternate weeks.

4. One of you can arrive whenever you want during designated times, and the first person there splits the share by placing the share partner´s produce in a separate grocery bag (bring one with, if you can). Then label the bag with the name of the share partner, who hasn´t arrived yet, and put in designated area.
This will NOT work if you leave your share partner´s produce in the half-empty share box, since this can get mixed up with the other full share boxes and causes lots of confusion.
Please remember to check off the share under the contact person´s name. The share partner who comes later can check to make sure that the share was checked off, but does not need to check off again. We´ll know if the split share was not picked up, because the absent person´s name will be on the grocery bag.

If you or your share partner will be out of town, you need to work out what you want to do about pick-up with your share partner. It will NOT work for you to both pick up on separate days that week, since we can´t keep track of your split share.

Keep in mind, that all correspondence and check payments should have your contact person´s name listed, so that we can more easily refer to your account.

Do I Have To Bring Back My Box From The Previous Week?

Yes, because we reuse the boxes. If you find that remembering to bring the box back is difficult, then just bring some reusable cloth grocery bags, a cooler, a box, or your own paper or plastic grocery bags to transfer your produce into, leaving the box behind. This is a great solution, especially so you don´t have to store the box for an entire week before the next distribution. Keep in mind, your produce will stay freshest and last longer if you transport it in a cooler, especially if you are not going directly home after picking up your box.

What Do I Do, If I Know I Am Going To Be Out Of Town On My Pick-Up Day?

You have 4 options:

  1. Someone else picks up. If someone else is picking up your share, you don´t need to let us know, just tell them to check the Primary Contact person´s name off the list.  It would be very helpful though to give them our phone number or e-mail, and strongly encourage them to contact us if they are not picking up for some reason.
  2. Reschedule for a different Distribution Day. Please reschedule only on regular Distribution Days unless picking up at the Farm, since if you schedule for a Friday, you can always pick up on a Saturday or Sunday when you return from your trip, if you just let us know, since the share will just stay in the cooler. Please give us a week´s advance notice.
  3. Vacation Hold.  Tell us not to harvest your share that week, but please give us a week’s notice.
  4. Donate your Share. You can ask us to donate your share to a needy family.

At the latest, we really need to know by Sunday at the beginning of each week to get an accurate harvest count for the week.

What If I´m Going To Be Late Or Find Suddenly That I Cannot Pick-Up My Share?

The shares need to be picked up by the designated times, especially at the Ann Arbor distribution sites, since we try to leave by noon so we can still use the rest of the daylight hours for farm work. If at the last minute you can´t pick up (or you forget) on your scheduled day, please call us sometime during that day, so that we know what happened. You may try to reschedule for pick up at the Farm later that day or the next day. Please DO NOT expect to pick up your box after the second day, since the share will have been taken apart by then or donated.

Weekly Newsletter

We have a weekly newsletter that is automatically sent online on Tuesdays for those who have given us e-mail addresses. This is a text-only version, but a 2-page formatted copy can be picked up at each distribution site for those without e-mail or others who would prefer the printed copy every week. These newsletters are also archived on our website.

Included in each newsletter are a list of share items with descriptions, cooking or storage tips, important dates, preserving information, helpful hints, recipes, and feature articles about the farm and its workers, interesting facts about produce, and topics related to CSA and the organic food movement. The newsletter is designed, written, and edited by Deb, Richard, and farm interns. Contributions from members are also possible, if we have space. Contact Deb.

If you like paper, we suggest that you keep all of your newsletters in a binder or folder, so you can refer back to recipes, nutritional information, and cooking or storage tips throughout the season, or just refer to them online. We also try to keep the formatted newsletter to a 2-page minimum, which means that we don´t list all the share items´ descriptions every week, but refer you to previous newsletters for information on items that have already appeared in your shares.

Tantré Farm Website & FACEBOOK

We are continuously updating our website.  If you want to check it out go to:  It is a work in progress, so please be patient with us, since it may go through several changes as we continue to design, enhance, and improve it.  We are open to your comments and suggestions of ways to make it more helpful and resourceful.  *Please “like” our Facebook page and Instagram as well for farmers market updates and CSA notices, which you can access on our website page.

Recipe Resources

Cook book available for purchase from the farm: We highly recommend an inexpensive cookbook called FROM ASPARAGUS TO ZUCCHINI: A GUIDE TO COOKING FARM-FRESH SEASONAL PRODUCE by the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition (“The A to Z cookbook”). It has an easy-to-follow format with produce listed from A to Z, background information, cooking and storage tips, and recipes. It is available from us for $15 (normally $19.95) at each distribution site throughout June or until they run out. It is a very handy resource and also makes a great gift!

Preserving book suggestion: A resource we recommend is called “Saving the Seasons: How to Can, Freeze, or Dry Almost Anything” by the Mennonite Publishing Network.  This book was written by a mother-daughter farmer duo, and it includes beautiful photographs and easy to understand instructions for preserving fruits and vegetables. It runs about $20.

Recipe Site on Tantre Website:  You may refer to a variety of recipes (categorized alphabetically by produce name) that we have gathered over the years, which have been stored on our website,  You may also comment on specific recipes and add your own tips.

Other Recipe Websites: There are a number of websites that have recipes listed according to produce name and so are easy to use. Please let us know if you know of any other websites that you think others might find useful for recipes. Please note the following:,,,

Produce Identification:     If you are unfamiliar with the identity of some of your produce, there will now be a page on our website under the RECIPES section called “Veggie ID/Storage Tips” with pictures, appearance, nutrition, taste, uses, storage, and season available organized by the part of the plant.

Summer U-Pick

Sometimes we have u-pick bulk produce available for a discounted rate for members, who would like to preserve or enjoy a surplus. U-pick produce this season might include: tomatoes, peas, green beans, basil, cucumbers, spinach, greens, raspberries, and strawberries. We will try to keep you informed on what is ready to be picked through the newsletter, but other produce might be available even though not listed, so just ask, and we´ll see if we have enough to spare. Watch the weekly newsletter for details on what is available, when to pick, and prices.

Please call ahead, if you want to u-pick on a day besides Distribution Days (Wed. and Fri.) at the farm, so someone will be around to help you.

A specified amount of u-pick raspberries and fresh flowers will be part of your share at no extra cost. We may not be able to pick these items in large quantities for all CSA members, since they are labor-intensive and do not store well, so we may ask that you pick your own. If you want extra amounts of these items, just watch the newsletters for the cost and be aware of limited availability.

Fall/Winter U-Pick

We offer an opportunity for special bulk orders and u-pick greens in the late fall and winter. These items might include u-pick spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, and other items kept in cool storage such as, potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, winter squash, onions, or garlic. More information will be included in the Sept. and Oct. newsletters.

Extended Fall/Winter Share

We offer an “Extended Fall Share” for 4 extra weeks in October for $140.  The share size is usually bountiful in the fall, so there could be 10 to 16 items, which may include a variety of Cooking Greens (kale, tatsoi, spinach), Salad Greens (baby lettuce, arugula, mizuna), Brassicas (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage), Roots (potatoes, carrots, radishes, beets), Fruiting Veggies (winter squash, tomatoes, beans), and Alliums (garlic, onions). Registration is open now, but watch the September newsletters for when registrations reminders begin. Non-members may contact us or check our website throughout the summer to check on availability.

Thanksgiving Share

After the summer CSA season is over, our Thanksgiving share will be available on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November.  This is a chance to stock up on vegetables before the holiday or for winter storage.  You will receive a newsletter with storage tips, recipes, and 60-80 pounds of produce. The share may include: Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, cauliflower, broccoli, greens, squash, leeks, garlic, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, parsnips, onions, celeraic, or beets.  A special addition to our share is a jar of locally-grown, lacto-fermented veggies (some from Tantré Farm) from a local business called “The Brinery” (  The founder, David Klingenberger, started fermenting vegetables over 10 years ago at the turn of the century, while working at Tantre Farm.  Pick up for the Thanksgiving Share will be at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market in the morning or at Tantré Farm in the afternoon.  A Thanksgiving Share may cost between $100 and $120 (exact cost determined in Sept).  Sign up will begin sometime in September and October, and will be mentioned in our newsletter.  Non-members may contact us or check our website in September or October to check on availability.

Children Are Welcome

There are many “kid-friendly” activities on our farm.   Children can play with the outside toys, swing, slide, and play in the sandbox or wading pools.  They like to pet our dog, Kalli, and our cats.  They feed the chickens and the dairy cows/calves.   Some children also like to take “edible farm walks” by following a farm worker around to various parts of the farm to sample produce, wild plants, or edible flowers.  We also have a Sunflower House and a Kid Garden that CSA member kids help plant throughout the first 2 to 3 weeks of our summer CSA season, weed, water, and harvest throughout the season.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Even though, we have many “kid-friendly” activities on the farm, there are also safety hazards to be aware of, so please keep an eye on your child. Children may not enter any of the farm buildings (barns, greenhouses, coolers, packing shed, garage, farmhouse, etc.) unless accompanied by an adult. Hazards include equipment, sharp tools, and supplies such as oil, gas and paint. Please do not allow your child to touch or climb on any farm vehicles (tractors, golf cart, trucks, wagons, etc.).

There are also several kid-friendly events including our Work Party/Open Houses, monthly Kid Farm Hikes, and Kid Farm Days (more detailed descriptions below).  Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for when these are scheduled.

We also host FIELD TRIPS or EDIBLE FARM TOURS for schools or other organizations of all ages throughout the seasons, but mostly in the fall, winter, and spring.  We suggest a sliding scale of $1 to $5 donation per participant.  Please call well in advance to schedule these events.

Visitors and Volunteers

We welcome visitors, and especially volunteers, most days of the week (except Sat. mornings, since we’re mostly at farmers´ markets). Please contact us ahead of time, so someone is around to show you what to do or where to go.

Our Packing Days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Those are days when we are finalizing harvest and packing up boxes, so we can always use volunteers especially on those days anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Scheduled Farm Events

As event dates are known they can be found on our website in the “Events” section. Our newsletter will also remind members of these events. Ideally a separate reminder notice may be sent also about the work parties to members.

Farm Work Parties/Open Houses

These are scheduled workdays that are completely voluntary. Usually these include some optional farm work, snacks, refreshments, tours of the farm, networking with other CSA members, and having fun. Family and friends are welcome to come too. Also, we would like to encourage some volunteer members to sign up for “Set up” and “Clean up” chores for work parties, if possible, so less of the burden falls to our hard-working farm crew on Sunday, their day off.

Preserving Workshops

The actual dates will be announced in the Aug. or Sept. newsletter.  Check the  “Events” calendar for class descriptions and current dates.

Tomato Workshop

Hands-on demonstration of how to can, freeze, and dehydrate tomatoes and some other produce. Helpful resources will be available for your review. (usually in Sept.)

Kid Farm Days

Activities may include an edible farm walk, making butter and cheese, and learning about farm animals and vegetables through a variety of games, songs, & arts/crafts. There may be two or three of these scheduled throughout the summer. Keep an eye on newsletters and the Event Calendar for more information. Space will be limited, so sign up early.

Family Farm Hikes

We may have guided monthly exploratory walks around Tantre Farm. We’ll use all our senses as we take an approximately 30-45 minute hike and explore the farm’s fields, wetlands, and forest. These will be announced in our newsletters.

Interactive Cooking Days

Great tips for cutting, storing, and using the produce from that week’s share are offered in an interactive class for members. Our culminating activity is a meal created by participants out of produce from the share box, which we consume with great pleasure.  Check the  “Events” calendar for class descriptions and current dates.

Other Possible Events

Cider Press/Apple Juice Day, Herb Talks, and Soap Workshops, Pumpkin Day, etc. Please let us know if you’d like to help out with ideas, can coordinate activities, or know someone who can lead an event. Watch newsletters and website for details.

Directions to the Farm and Parking

FROM ANN ARBOR, take Interstate 94 West to Exit 157 (Old US12/Pierce Rd. Exit). Turn left off the exit ramp onto Old U.S. 12. Travel about 4.3 miles west on Old US 12 until you see the St. Louis Center on your left. Just past the Center, turn left onto Hayes Road. The main part of our farm is located on the right-hand side of the road about 1 mile down on the second curve. Look for Tantré Farm signs.

FROM JACKSON, take Interstate 94 East to Exit 153 (Clear Lake Rd. exit). It’s about 5 miles to Tantré Farm from here. Turn right at Clear Lake Rd. Clear Lake Rd. turns slightly right and becomes N. Francisco Rd. Turn left at E. Michigan Ave, which changes names and becomes W. Old US 12. Turn right at Hayes Rd. The main part of our farm is located on the right-hand side of the road about 1 mile down on the second curve. Look for Tantré Farm signs.

PARKING: Please park on the north side of the road across from the main farm house at 2510 Hayes, or just a little west of the house on the south side of the road. Our farm is situated on a curve, so please do not park directly on the road or on the curve, since it’s difficult for oncoming cars to see what’s ahead.

Tantré Farm Contact Information

You may call Richard Andres or Deb Lentz at 734-475-4323. Please use the form below to send us an email.

Our address is 2510 Hayes Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.  Our website is, and certain website sections (such as “newsletters”, “upcoming events”, and “recipes”) will continue to be updated throughout the season. The above information is included on every newsletter.


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