Splitting a Share

What Is The Procedure, If I Am Splitting My Share With Someone Else?
You and your share partner need to decide how this is done, since we don´t offer half shares. You can come up with your own system or choose between these options that others have done:

1. You can both arrive at the distribution site at the same time and negotiate splitting up the share. Please only do this at the farm, since the markets get very crowded with farm workers, market customers, and members trying to negotiate space for each other.

2. One of you picks up the share; then both meet at one of your houses, and split up the share.

3. Some share partners pick up the full share every other week, so they don´t split it. They just alternate weeks. This option is possibly one of the more popular methods.

4. One of you can arrive whenever you want during designated times, and the first person there splits the share by placing the share partner´s produce in a separate grocery bag (bring one with, if you can). Then label the bag with the name of the share partner, who hasn´t arrived yet, and put in designated area.
**This will NOT work if you leave your share partner´s produce in the half-empty share box, since this can get mixed up with the other full share boxes and causes lots of confusion.
Please remember to check off the share under the contact person´s name. The share partner who comes later can check to make sure that the share was checked off, but does not need to check off again. We´ll know if the split share was not picked up, because the absent person´s name will be on the grocery bag.

5. Also, if you or your share partner will be out of town, you need to work out what you want to do about pick-up with your share partner. It will NOT work for you to both pick up on separate days that week, since we can´t keep track of your split share.

6. Keep in mind, that all correspondence and check payments should have your contact person´s name listed, so that we can more easily refer to your account.

7. Please send check payments together in the same envelope referencing each of your share partners, or one of you send the full amount, and ask your share partner to reimburse you.

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